Online Classes Flash Photography

A subscription to ASISO’s Learning Platform Flash Photography includes access to the Online Classes below as well as the Flash Photography Tutorials.
The Online Classes cover the basics of on-camera and off-camera Flash Photography. By performing the step-by-step exercises you take it a step beyond theory; the lessons inspire you to actively shoot photographs with your own equipment.


TTL Flash Mode

TTL flash mode including basic on-camera techniques. Understanding the effects on flash  with aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  Compensating the light of the flash. Using accessories on the flash head such as diffusor, wide-angle adapter and bounce card.

Bounce Flash

This lesson covers bounce flash techniques, the various ways of applying it and how to create natural looking flash photos.

Manual Flash Mode

Creating perfectly balanced flash photos in Manual Flash Mode. How to have full control over the light and when to use Manual flash mode is all covered in this lesson.

Combining Flash and Ambient Light

Fill flash and combining the light on the background is way easier than thought. Also High Speed sync, front and rear curtain effects en much more.

Slow Sync Flash

Using flash with slow speed sync, creating motion blur, freezing action and different types of motion techniques. An instructive and inspiring lesson.

Off-Camera Flash

Flash photo techniques with one or more external flash units. Creating stunning off-camera flash photos with transmitters, cords, or wireless control systems. Many exercises to apply off-camera at indoor and outdoor locations.

Various Topics

We’ll look at ways to use flash and color balance in mixed lighting, using gel filters to correct color, and light shapers to mount on the flash head.


If by any chance you need extra information regarding flash photography, just pose your question at our Q&A page.