Testimonials Flash Photography Course


  • I am very pleased with the online learning experience at ASISO. The course material is very clearly defined. There are no difficult descriptions, it is simply easy to follow. Ilona van Egdom Photography
  • An apparently difficult topic so clearly explained! The explanation and the subject material is very clear. In short, I am very pleased and in my opinion it deserves a score of a 100 points! Jeroen Meuwsen Photography
  • This course is so clarifying. I have not thought “What does that mean?” even once. In short, for me the course is a very good addition to the flash instructions in my user guide. Frits van Bruggen
  • For me, working from home with the online course is ideal. I can read through the lessons at my own pace and then I get to work on the exercises. Because you do the exercises, you get to know the workings of the flash much better. And the Tutorials, in a word, awesome. I found the way the formation of a photograph is explained very instructive. You will learn techniques that you initially did not think of. Leo Reijnierse, www.lrdigiphoto.nl
  • I just started with lesson 1 and 2 and have been enthusiastic for the course right from the beginning, clear instructions, good explanations, well-defined exercises. I have a Nikon D80 and the Nikon Speedlight SB-700 flash, and with the aid of the course I can work with them well. In short, fantastic! Andries Koopmans
  • I started this course to prepare myself for my first wedding shoot. The course brings the essentials of flash photography and even much more. In a short period of time I was able to control my flashgun. Dave Bierhuizen, www.bierhuizen.info
  • I am absolutely satisfied with my choice. The lessons and tutorials are very clear and comprehensible. Marcel van Berkel, www.fotodelmar.nl
  • My initial goal was to learn to use my flashgun effectively. What I learned was so much more! Also I enjoyed the method of online learning and the study material was clearly expressed, to-the-point and understandable. Highly recommended! Lilliane Roks, www.illnovelle.nl
  • I found that the course material was clearly and gradually established. It was also nice to quietly do the course at my own place and in my own time, so the online principle is perfect. Ineke Vernimmen, www.inekevernimmen.nl
  • I recommend this online flash course to anyone who wants to do serious work with the flash but is a little intimidated by the thing. I have a great flash but never used it because the result was almost always disappointing. By following this course I quickly learned how to handle it. I now also see that it can be used in many more situations where you would not initially think of using a flash.  Ger Stahlhofer
  • If I had to choose again between an on-site or online class, I’d go for online one again. It’s a very pleasant learning experience. You want to know about flash photography? This course is very balanced, to-the-point and instructive. Do yourself a favor! Study with ASISO! The Best! Hans Broeze
  • I found the course very interesting and fun. I thought the tutorials and exercises were very useful. All in all very instructive and would recommend it to anyone who want to become a better photographer.  Wendy Vermeulen
  • This is my first online course. I must say, the course material is very clear bundled and clearly explained. Easy to read and certainly no long boring texts to dig through. Assignments were easy to follow and understand step by step. I think you learn best by doing.
    Inge van Winden Fotografie
  • This course is a great opportunity of an incredible education. Clear, constructive and bit by bit deeper into the essentials of flash photography. Also the assignments were very clear and fun to do. Bianca de Bruin Fotografie
  • Recommend for anyone wanting to improve flash photography skills as a hobby or as a profession. Ilona van Nijnatten
  • The course was very instructive! Especially the flash distance and the many possibilities to influence the light were very educational. Kristel Dallinga Fotografie
  • I have learned more than I expected to learn. My photography has been significantly improved. Rita Dekkers Photography


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