Sonja van Driel, co-shooter at ASISO


Leren flitsen met een reportageflitserSonja van Driel is co-shooter at ASISO. Some of her photos are included in the Flash Photography Tutorials. Besides, Sonja is the founder of ASISO.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

After a year studying at the Free Academy of Visual Arts, I began my career as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines in 1994. Later I also focused on corporate photography and journalistic style wedding photography, at home and abroad.
Using these years of practical experience, I now share my knowledge about photography. I’ve written a number of books; I write for PF magazine; I take care of training in the Netherlands and Belgium and I have set up this Learning Platform.
I spend part of my time living in The Netherlands and part in France.

What is your speciality?

Nowadays I primarily engage myself in sharing my knowledge. I have reached many thousands of amateur and professional photographers on teaching in photography and lighting techniques. Students and readers praise me for my clear explanations, providing insight into seemingly complex cases.

Do you have tips for photographers who want to get better?

Whether you’re shooting as amateur or professional photographer, taking pictures where technique, composition and emotion all come together is quite a challenge. Everyone can learn about technique and composition. Once this is embedded, your mind is free to recognize unique moments and expressions, even if they occur in a fraction of a second. Once you have good knowledge about light and lighting, photos become more expressive. One can not exist without the other. My tips: learn, take photos, make mistakes and always set the bar a little higher.

What equipment do you use?

I use professional Nikon cameras and lenses. For reportage photography, I use the flash Nikon SB900 or SB800. For more stylized photographs in a studio setting, Godox and Yongnu flashes are my favorite. They operate manual flash only and are without all the bells and whistles. Super easy to use. And when I work with several disconnected flashes, I use the Godox, Yongnuo and Nikon flash units simultaneously. As well as this, I like working with the Yongnuo 602 manual trigger set. The exception to this is that when I want to take High Speed sync photos, I take the TTL trigger Yongnuo 622 or TTL flash cable instead. Why? Because the Yongnuo 602’s shutter speed cannot be used with a faster shutter speed than 1 / 125sec. I only use light shapers like softbox flash umbrellas or snoots as embellishments when needed.



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