Jet Vugts, co-shooter at ASISO

jet-zw-web-5Jet Vugts is co-shooter at ASISO. Some of her photos are included in the Flash Photography Tutorials.


Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Jet Vugts and I come from Utrecht. I have had my education in photography at the art academy Statief in Utrecht. My customers include restaurants, (food)magazines and also I deliver photos for Shutterstock.

What do you specialise in?

Food photography and still life, it’s the best that I can ever imagine to do.stilleven-jet-vugts-2

Do you have tips for photographers who want to focus on food photography and still lives?

My tip is to especially look carefully at the ordinary, everyday objects and their beauty, and to see the particular, and then record is with the correct technique.


Which equipment do you use?

I work with Nikon 7100, Nikon Speedlight SB 910 and Calumet Pro series wireless flash triggers. Besides, I use Elinchrom Portalite studio flash.

How do you use the (flash) techniques when taking your photos?

To determine the atmosphere, I work mainly using my feeling. At time moment of the flash I don’t focus on the numbers of the flash distance, but I adjust the power. So that the flash adds enough light (and important: certainly not too much light) for the atmosphere. I later add the important accents with Lightroom.

Do you use any light shapers?

Not always but sometimes I do use light shapers like an umbrella, reflector, snoot etc. I have the combination set of light shapers of Falcon Eyes.

Where can we find more of your work?


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