What we do

  • By means of the Online Classes and the countless Tutorials, we’ll teach you about on-camera and off-camera flash photography on indoor and outdoor locations, but also in studio settings. How? Not by presenting all kinds of complicated technical formulas, but by putting you into active mode and help you to master your equipment.
  • The content is illustrated with hundreds of example images, videos and many step-by-step exercises, allowing you to (re)produce the flash photos with ease.
  • ASISO is all – and we mean all – about clear knowledge transmission. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our participants say.


For whom we do it

  • We are focused on photographers who have yet to master their external flashgun(s).
  • Photographers should have a basic knowledge of photography – Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are no vague notions.
  • The lessons have been organized for photographers involved in portraits, wedding and event photography, corporate and editorial photography, stock photography, still life, in short, for everyone taking photographs on indoor and outdoor locations as well as in studio settings.


Who we are


What ASISO means

ASISO is the collective name for Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO: the elements of the exposure triangle applying to every photographic shot.



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